Fantasy to Reality


What do you dream of, what is your fantasy?  A fantasy that can be made so real.

Do you dream of a lush, pristine wilderness?  Of a home you’ve built in the company of good friends?

Do you smile in wistful adoration at the daydream of a companion,
who understands you, shares your dream, walks hand in hand?

Do you do all of the things that just you can do
to keep your focus on what you’ll create?

Surround yourself with people who inspire
the life of helpful joy that will elate
your soul in ways you’d not known it could sparkle?

And touch your family’s hearts with tender smiles?

Do you do all that you can
to bring life to it,
the fantasy that can become a plan?


Imagination… it’s one of our most powerful tools.  Without moving a muscle we can be transported to any realm we desire, while the solid structures of the physical world melt away and we are completely free… for a moment.

But, when gravity kicks back in, the tummy rumbles, loneliness or stress set in, and our responsibilities remind us they’ve been waiting here…  it becomes quite apparent that a temporary escape into fantasy will always leave us yearning to dream more, and onto clouds farther and farther from the lives that we live.


We may even seek to make our experiences with these realms more tangible, delving into philosophy, spirituality, and chasing shiny feeling thoughts and following whims while ignoring our need for stability, and requiring more and more idealism and sparkles to keep our dissatisfaction with our human foundation at bay.

What if we didn’t have to do that?   What if our imaginations could be used to build a new foundation?

What if our daydreaming and Netflixing hours could be dedicated to turning our passions into a business, and finding ways to live in greater harmony with nature, so that our lives are not something to escape from?

What if, through sharing our stories and thoughts, we could inspire others like us to cocreate a beautiful new way of life, and feel the most profound sense of fulfillment, while being even more free to explore the things that make our hearts sing, without fearing that you’ll have to wake up from it.

What if… that’s EXACTLY what I’m here to do?

If this message resonates with you, and you’re ready to discover the purpose within your path, and find the real fulfillment you’ve only dreamed about…

If you’re ready to breathe life into your fantasy, and have someone caring and supportive to help you gain your footing on a path that’s all your own… then I’d LOVE to work with you, to turn your dream into a plan, and help you make it happen.

Check out my Goddess to Goddess Guidance offerings on my Work With Me page to learn more.