From Perfectionism to Productivity

Just last night I was describing something I remembered reading that was advice for writers, and those who aspire to be writers.

If you want to become a better writer, write for ten minutes every day, no matter what.

Again I come at ya with the straightforward, simple advice.  Well, I was talking about writing with a friend on the phone, and saying how I’d like to start doing that.

I almost did it last night, but decided to sleep early (with the subtle excuse in my mind that I wouldn’t write well in that state anyway).  And then I woke up to this…

Marie has been a huge inspiration to me for the last two years, and the timing of this video was certainly taken as a sign from THE UNIVERSE *insert glimmers and a booming sense of wonder here*.

It’s good to be thorough, but there has to be a balance that keeps us productive instead of nit-picking ourselves to a halt.  We can’t expect something to grow if we never let it flow.

Becoming too detail-oriented takes our eyes off of the big picture.  As with everything, balance is key.

Too often, I’ve found myself putting out too little content because I felt like I had to be in just the right mode, and have three hours to spare, to make it a worthwhile read.

Well, here I am, on the bus, busting this out so that I can believe in my ability to write consistently, by proving through action that I can.

And this doesn’t just apply to writing.  Any skill or project you wish to develop, commit to doing it ten minutes a day.  Most likely, you’ll get on a roll and feel inspired after just a few.  And imagine how much more quickly your skills will improve, and how much more of your focus will be on what you want to create in your life.

I’m a fan of the phrase “life is what you make it”.  Whether opportunity falls into your lap or is still waiting for you quietly in the shadows, you have to take it and wield it like a mighty sword, and you’ll want to wield it masterfully.  Which takes diligent practice, and persistence over the years.

Dedication to our dreams is what makes them become real, a bit more every step of the way.  And I’m still always here, if you need backup, Goddess to Goddess.

Now go do what your dreams need you to. 😉 🌸🌱