The Garden of Your Mind

This story begins on a cozy night, navigating profound conversation on the phone with a wise and caring soul.

One of the topics we touched on was human potential, and how changing our thoughts and beliefs has been demonstrated to cause physical changes in the body, and in the way that our lives unfold.

Then, as synchronicity would have it, this morning I woke up to an email from hayhouse, which was offering a link to a free video series on that very subject. You can watch the first video here.

It mentioned that our brain creates 26,000 neural connections when we learn something new, but that they can disconnect within hours if we don’t keep revisiting that new thought through contemplation or practice.

Naturally, this got me thinking.  Go ahead and really ask yourself:

 When were the times when I really applied an idea or concept to my life and got practical results?

I can think of a lot of examples, and the core theme that they share is integration.  The things that stick, and start to evolve your identity and whole perspective on life, are the things that you felt were so important that you brought them into many nooks and crannies of your life, for an extended period of time.

For me, Reiki was a huge one, and so was the law of attraction.  Most of my focus every day for a good three years was on raising the vibe a little higher in everyday moments.

Self-improvement is another huge one that followed, being more present with things instead of just letting my behavior run on auto pilot, and watching the auto-pilot reprogram itself as healthier habits developed.  This has become the foundation that keeps me centered, and I make the strongest effort to maintain my focus on this by surrounding myself with little reminders.

If you plant something and nurture it, it will grow.  See your mind as a garden, where you can plant a beautiful variety of ideas and habits that will nourish your life and make it beautiful, the more that you tend to them.

What are the habits you’d like to start, or the concepts you’d really like to apply to your everyday life to make it more fulfilling?  

(Pssst.  Write these down and surround yourself with little reminders to keep you focused on them.)

What are the dreams and goals you’d like to give more of your focus to developing and working towards?

(Seriously, writing it down trains your brain to hone in on it as being important, because of the extra focus.

Stick it to your bedroom door so that you can’t leave your room without thinking about what’s most important to you.)

Creating habits around the changes that we’d like to see in our lives waters the seeds that we’ve planted in our minds, to help them keep growing until they’re strong enough to flourish without our attention.

And, of course, one of the best habits to start is to ensure that you’ll have plenty water to pour onto them, by taking care of yourself first, by filling your cup.

It also always helps to talk about your dreams and goals with a supportive and encouraging friend to help you keep focus, and gain new perspectives.  This increases our sense of needing to follow through, and walk our talk, while making it a habit to share what we really care about, and seek like-minded souls.  And, of course, I’m always here to help you, Goddess to Goddess.


Much love, and many sparkles,

Aquarian Goddess Jen