Moving Through it Will Dissolve it

When we feel discomfort, resistance, fear, insecurity or overwhelm, we ultimately have two choices: to avoid, or to move through it with all the grace we can muster.

Last week I went to a 5 Rhythms class, an experience of movement that gives us a safe space to move through any internal resistance that limits our flow.

Ecstatic dance has worked wonders in my life over the past four years, because it is a fluid practice of liberating ourselves through total freedom of expression, stretching through tension, and dancing out any pent-up emotion, even to the point of screaming and jumping out cave man war cries at the injustice in the world and everyday frustrations, to finding that you do have the strength to keep moving, ever-so gently, when you’re not sure that you can go on… and ultimately, feeling that no matter how crazy our passion and flow might appear to society, we can move through those inhibitions and let go, around people who understand us, people who are real, people who care.

(Plus, it’s great exercise.)

The fact of the matter is that, whatever your problem, when you begin to move through it, it will dissolve, and like a river rushing through a weakened dam, your strength and energy will increase and keep flowing toward where you intend to be.

I was stagnant for a year, overcoming trauma through a phase of depression and isolation, and had built a huuuuge wall all around myself.  But the problem with walls is… they keep the good out with the bad.

As the months went by, little cracks would allow small trickles of hope into the prison of protection I’d built for myself, and I’d dig into the wall a bit to follow them.  After enough digging, the flow coming through was finally enough to crumble and wash the prison walls away and carry me to a place where I could begin healing, and now, again, blooming.

We can always find a slight glimmer of hope when we’re truly looking for it, and we can always grow stronger than we currently are.  Whatever challenge you are facing, whatever is holding you back, whatever you’re not sure that you’re capable of… move through it.  Be as gentle and as gradual as you need to be, but start flowing a trickle through whatever dam is before you, and watch what happens.  And you know I’m always here to back you up, Goddess to Goddess.


I believe in you, so believe in yourself,

Aquarian Goddess Jen