The Infinite Potential Experiment

We are capable of so much.  What if we noticed that more, in each other and in ourselves?

What if we made it a priority right now to notice the infinite potential in ourselves and others for the next seven days, as often as we remember to?

What if, every time we felt a little held back, we thought, “I’m capable of this.”

You’ll be surprised at what you’ll do differently, the more that you say it.  I  bet you can easily think of five choices you would have made slightly differently in the past week with a little self-encouragement.

Then there’s seeing the potential in others.  So much of our worry and frustration in life comes more from how we anticipate people will behave or react to us.  When you know you’re going to be around someone, and you start to feel anxious when nothing is even happening, it’s because you’re expecting a behavior that you’ve seen from them before.  This is where a phrase I love comes in handy:

Expect the best, but prepare for the worst.

Gotta love that paradoxical shit.  But what I say, to make that more tangible, is that that while it’s important to be logical in preventing a disaster, it’s just as important to not panic as if you’re already in the middle of one.

The practical way to apply this, starting now, and for the rest of the week is to notice, when you’re feeling anxious, if something is actually happening, or if you’re just anticipating disaster and spazzing about your expectations when everything’s fine.  Either way, take a deep breath and remind yourself, “I am capable of this,” as often as you need to throughout the day.
And please, pleeeease remind yourself that every single person is capable of change.  Even that one frustrating grumpy-butt you wish you strangle without doing any harm (yeah, I know you, girrrl).  Even they can pull a Grinch or Scrooge style turnaround.

And even our most vulnerable weaknesses can be strengthened over time, the more we remind ourselves that we can.

And if you need some more encouragement growing, you know I’ve got you, Goddess to Goddess.

Have a profound week with this experiment.  I know I will.  And I’d love to hear your results!  You can message me here.

Until next time, be free be fulfilled, and flourish.


Bubbles and sunshine,

Aquarian Goddess Jen