A Balanced Approach to Healing

It’s time for another common sense reminder, because it’s oh so easy to forget.

Many of us, when faced with trauma or struggle, will unconsciously choose one of two extremes: pretending everything is fine (until everything you’ve been stuffing in a closet to avoid comes exploding out and buries you)… or the opposite extreme, of being so blinded by the size of your feeling of overwhelm, that you can’t see the problem itself, enough to find a way to deal with it, and feel better.

As much as we may try to convince ourselves that we need to plow through and just be strong, or, alternatively, shut down and give up on life, seek the healthy middle ground that will allow us functionality while we heal.

Give the part of you that’s hurt or struggling time to recover while the rest of you keeps moving forward as much as you can. Obviously you don’t want to be moving in with a new beau a month after a heartbreak any more that you’d want to host a holiday dinner when the kitchen floor is all ripped out and covered in funky goop.

And growing is the same way.  You certainly wouldn’t want to quit your job to start living off of your passion that’s made you two hundred dollars so far, any more than you’d want to walk down steps that (oops!) haven’t been built yet (unless you’ve got a bigass safety net, of course).

Giving the parts of us that have been damaged a little time to heal is perfectly healthy, and we should always check in with ourselves to make sure that we’re ready for whatever next step awaits us.

So, a good way to put this into practice, when a problem arises, is to pause and ask yourself a few things.

  • Am I overreacting or under reacting?
  • How would I manage this if I wasn’t so stressed?
  • Which areas of my life will I need to give a rest period to, and which areas can I keep moving as usual?
  • What is the best way I can care for myself to feel better, and have an easier time?

Write down this list, or save it as a memo on your phone, so that when you’re feeling struggle or pain, you can ask yourself, and heal with more balance.

And if you need me, I’m always here for you, Goddess to Goddess.

Be at peace, radiant goddess, as often as you can,

Aquarian Goddess Jen