The Immense Power of Goals

We all have dreams of a better life, pursuing what matters to us most, maybe making a living off of our passions, putting ourselves in environments we enjoy, and, of course, having more freedom and time to enjoy life.
We can spend so much time thinking about that far off future, but someday only gets a day closer when we dedicate time in our daily lives to making it work.



The difference between a writer and a thinker is a pen and a plan.
It can be SO easy to put off your dreams for weeks, months, or even years by simply not scheduling your work, or having long term goals without the short term goals that will get you there one step at a time.

If I spend my spare time with a plan, I feel better, and I set myself up for a good week. Getting groceries before I run out, cooking something huge I can take to work for lunch half the week. And building a foundation for my future. And watching more motivational videos than Netflix when I do chill.

Sarah Nourse has been a massive source of inspiration for me over the last few weeks.  Along with having devastatingly gorgeous hair, and European flair, she’s inspired me to get serious about saving money, as well as get back into the habit of setting short and long term goals, to get more of what I have to share to more of you lovely goddesses (you’re welcome 😘).

I strongly recommend (do iiiiiit) that you get out a notebook and write some serious goals.

What are all of the steps required to get you there, and how much time and focus can you put into it each week to make it happen?

(Seriously, stop reading and think these things through, and write them down.)

Once you have your long term and short term goals worked out on paper, you can break things down into simple day to day tasks, that keep you focused and productive.  (Sarah explains it like a seasoned pro.)

So, that’s it!  The only other thing is to follow through, and keep doing it.  What’s great for this is having a special part of your day, and maybe a special spot, to make your daily to-do list and accomplish what your dream needs you to. 😉 🌸 🌱

And having an accountability partner, or coach, can make a world of difference in keeping you consistent week after week.  Who’s a friend who will check in with you to make sure you’re not putting your dreams on the back burner?

And, as always, I’m happy as a hunmingbird to have your back, Goddess to Goddess.

Much love, and keep rockin’,

Aquarian Goddess Jen