Sharing Your Gifts

Each of us has something that we absolutely love to do, that people compliment us on as well.  And when we ponder a way that that thing can help people, animals, or the environment, and support us financially, the life of our dreams begins to unfold before our eyes.

It sounds pretty simple, but, honestly, it really is.  Life doesn’t have to be so overcomplicated.  You just start doing something that you love, and you’ll start to see the ways that things open up and evolve in a direction more and more satisfying as you continue to choose to embrace and express what brings you alive.

I’ll give you an example from my own life, from today, actually, where I was reminded of how blessed I am  (as we all are) with my unique gifts, and how important and deeply satisfying it is to place a strong focus on using my natural talents to help others.

I was in a Facebook group and saw a post from someone who said that he sometimes felt like saying “I love you” to people in the group (seeming to mean the universal-connection type of “love” so common amongst new age circles) but was concerned that he was going to make some people confused or uncomfortable in saying it.

Of course, 97.6% of the replies were “THE WORLD NEEDS LOVE!  IF YOU FEEL IT, SAY IT!!!” But I had a different point of view.  If he’s concerned that what he’s saying might not be the best option, then what is?  Maybe he feels something that can be described more accurately that will bring extra clarity and depth than everyone just screaming about love and light so often it becomes an unconscious habit, rather than an opportunity for true presence and heartfelt connection.

I decided to reply.

It’s good to be considerate of how a word like “love” will affect someone, because it’s actually quite vague. It means so many different things, depending on the context, that people have so many ways to interpret it… so, if you’re concerned about being misinterpreted, a good solution that I find more fulfilling, and more deeply appreciated as well, is to find a more specific and even more meaningful way to describe what you choose to express… like, “your energy is so radiant and pure that it lights me up and floats me into alignment with the truth in my core” or “your presence is so warm and nurturing, and I wish so much goodness for you”. 

Being more specific makes it a more tangible and grounded expression, and helps you to see the variety of all these things under the umbrella term of “love” so much more emoticon

He responded by asking if I was a writer, saying that he could tell that my words could bring life to anything, and told me that he appreciated me.  I felt inspired, blessed, and touched, and replied again.

Hahaha thanks. And yeah, writing is one of my favorite things. And just… analyzing things really deeply and describing them in a way that pulls someone deeper into the experience, showing them what I see as clearly as I do, feeling it as deeply, etc. There’s a lot of power in precise, tactile descriptions. You can take someone anywhere, and awaken them to possibilities that were never so tangible before. It can ground the abstract and make it real. colonthree emoticon Thanks for the opportunity to say that. 

This small conversation reminded me of why I love words and what I can do with them.  I felt inspired to share this beautiful story in hopes of lighting a warm, sparkling glow in your heart, that will guide you on a glimmering pathway into the sacred dreams your soul holds for you.

Together, we can do all that our hearts ask of us.  Stay true to your heart, and know that I’m here every step of the way, Goddess to Goddess.