Inner Cosmos Activation

Empty yourself

Breathe in potential.
Pure, vast, invisible…
The infinite sacred void
Which births realities
As you feel the breath switch,
And flow outward from within,
Feel the divine spark within you
The light of your ever-flowing life-force
Activate specific organized areas
In accordance with your truest core purpose
Like galaxies alighting, one after another
Across the infinite void of space
Feel all of this flowing within you…
The infinite potential
And the life force, alive and expanding
And just watch it as it moves
Breathing in, and out,
Galaxies come alive,
And as the aeons pass,
Glimmer into the peace of completion,
All with no force, no effort,
In accordance with that which is moving our breath…
As you inhale,
Feel yourself… filling with this cosmos..
And as the breath relaxes out,
Feel yourself surrounded by this endless, glimmering night sky,
Its cool emptiness balanced with the warm presence of an incredible array of suns…
All of this moving, by the divinely organized flow
Which is moving your breathing
The flow of potential and light.
Sit for a moment, as this cosmos..
Feel the expansive freedom between your cells..
Each cell as far from the next as the nearest star to here
Twinkling with life and organizing to the flow
Watch them align in new patterns
As you watch your breathing
Infinite flow
An infinite movement of life.