Seeing the Divine Through Everything 

When you see the divinity in everything, it sees you, and begins to interact with you on that level.   Nothing is truly mundane, in this miraculous creation.  The person behind you blowing their nose on the bus is an embodiment of pure presence.  When you see it, it amplifies.
The greatest use of the law of attraction is to notice that Consciousness, Truth, God, is beneath the layers of everyday thoughts and behaviors, observing it all.  Universal Intelligence is activated wherever you notice it.
Play with this.  Look at each person, plant and animal at their core today, and moving forward.  And see what emerges from within, and how much more easily Divine Intelligence flows to and through you as you practice this most beautiful thing.
Miracles occur when we look at the Truth underlying what our eyes have once show us.  Jesus could see the potential for health in others so strongly that it healed them.  At our core, we are Divine Universal Intelligence.  We are the collective creative force that manifests the essence of connective eternity through our noticing that it is there, as we allow ourselves to let it flow through us, and adjust our identities to that flow.

Life is always flowing us towards greater harmony, fulfillment, and awe, and through relaxing into that, flow, we are released from the struggles that once harmed us.  (Think of the scene with the Devil’s Snare in Harry Potter.  It must be passed through on the journey, and the only way to get through it safely is to let go and relax into knowing that it is moving you to where you need to be, or blast it with magical light that dissolves it away and frees you.)

Trust in life, and see that there is more for you.  There is an infinite peace and presence that guides our lives,  and it is the deepest truth of our collective and individual identities.  It is the force that moves the cycles of nature, that sparks joy in our hearts.   It is in all of us.  It is consciousness it is Life.