Just Flow

Give yourself the freedom to flow.  Writing, drawing, dancing, singing, roaming, pondering, exploring, creating, just go!

We need to have a little time to get carried into something wonderful.
Give it to yourself.
Life is here to express itself to AND through you, because life is what you are, and everything that moves you.

Maybe you’ll climb a mountain,  or follow a stream of thought with a friend, farther than you’ve felt it flow before.
Maybe you’ll be moved by a movie, to start a new adventure, birth a goal.

Every end leads you up to a door, even when it looks like a wall, just waiting to be walked through, talked through, with truths you’ve tucked in safely at your core.

So move, go right through it, dancing in sacred and primal circles with the laughter of a healthy fire alight with the delight of gentle rains, whose comfy blankets rest until the witching hour, only to dissipate as soft smiling sighs, twinkling with a far-off milky magick, that we spiral through as again, our cycles go.

Just flow.