Seeing the Divine Through Everything 

When you see the divinity in everything, it sees you, and begins to interact with you on that level.   Nothing is truly mundane, in this miraculous creation.  The person behind you blowing their nose on the bus is an embodiment of pure presence.  When you see it, it amplifies.
The greatest use of the law of attraction is to notice that Consciousness, Truth, God, is beneath the layers of everyday thoughts and behaviors, observing it all.  Universal Intelligence is activated wherever you notice it.
Play with this.  Look at each person, plant and animal at their core today, and moving forward.  And see what emerges from within, and how much more easily Divine Intelligence flows to and through you as you practice this most beautiful thing.
Miracles occur when we look at the Truth underlying what our eyes have once show us.  Jesus could see the potential for health in others so strongly that it healed them.  At our core, we are Divine Universal Intelligence.  We are the collective creative force that manifests the essence of connective eternity through our noticing that it is there, as we allow ourselves to let it flow through us, and adjust our identities to that flow.

Life is always flowing us towards greater harmony, fulfillment, and awe, and through relaxing into that, flow, we are released from the struggles that once harmed us.  (Think of the scene with the Devil’s Snare in Harry Potter.  It must be passed through on the journey, and the only way to get through it safely is to let go and relax into knowing that it is moving you to where you need to be, or blast it with magical light that dissolves it away and frees you.)

Trust in life, and see that there is more for you.  There is an infinite peace and presence that guides our lives,  and it is the deepest truth of our collective and individual identities.  It is the force that moves the cycles of nature, that sparks joy in our hearts.   It is in all of us.  It is consciousness it is Life.

Nurture Your Purpose

Today’s thoughts are about fulfillment.  The deep kind.  The “I’ve made a positive change in the lives of many, using the skills that resonate with my soul, and am deeply appreciated for it,” type of fulfillment we all yearn for.

Today, I watched a livestream on Facebook of my Reiki master  (and yoga and belly dance teacher) cutting the ribbon and being welcomed by officials of the city to the brand new location for their wellness center.  My life changed the moment I first encountered them.  Naturally, seeing this had brought tears to my eyes.

This beautiful moment was not long after another one, where I was watching Katya Turner at and feeling the usual joyous rush that her videos give me towards sharing my own gifts in flow, and that, too, occured just a bit before seeing a bright and shiny post on Facebook by Leija Turunen, who was a massive inspiration for me in past years.

Seeing these women who affect so many people through their sharing of helpful perspectives (clearly including me) and sharing what their journeys have brought them… it lights me up inside, and it also gives me that contrast… feeling how strongly I want to have that impact on a larger scale, and realizing I am equally capable.  Something each of us should take note of right now.  We are capable.  And there is one small thing that creates the foundation.

Consistent focus is the key.

It’s all about consistent focus, and small actions.  We get these big goals that can seem so far away, but when we break it down, we see it’s just a series of small, simple steps that are actually easy.

In general, for a plant to grow, it needs to have moist soil and sunshine pretty regularly.  Multiple times a week.  My project, for example, is similarly simple.  I need to put helpful and inspiring info into some form, and then put it in places where the right people can see it.  It’s part of a much bigger dream, which involves eventual permaculture and eco building workshops and retreats, complete with Reiki certification and delving into one’s own evolution in a magical and nurturing cosmic-love tribe… but these are the first steps to building foundations, and so that’s all I need to focus on in order to make progress.  But, reaching further into the light and deepening your roots is a constant process, so, sometimes we need to add some extra nutrients to the soil, and get creative.

Currently, working full time and healing myself allows for me to write about once a week without it becoming a drain on me.

But if I am to truly reach more of the right people, I must strive for more in a way that will suit me.  So, I hire my best friend to help with marketing, and I start making plans to do videos, to add to my blog, and to youtube, as it is the platform that most inspires me.  This extends my reach without draining me, and allows me to help someone I care about to make a little extra money.  Aaaaand it increases my enthusiasm for the project, and makes me suddenly part of a team.  It’s all winning aaaaall around.

So, here is the real question?  What is your fulfillment capable of becoming?  How do you see yourself nurturing a project on a weekly basis to improve the lives of others?  What is making your soul sing, out of all the things that you’ve pondered?

I know there is something in there, and you’re going to make it shine.  You’re going to water your little garden, place it in the light of your focus, and be more than amazed at what grows.  And if you need a friend along the way, I’ve always got you, Goddess to Goddess. 

All my love,

Aquarian Goddess Jen

Work With Me
Work with Me – Goddess to Goddess Guidance & Aquarian Magick

Magick, Identity, and… Old Norse Philosophy?

How do you view yourself?  We all have certain layers or facets of ourselves that we give stronger focus to, but do you ever break it down and look at the many branches that make up… you?

Personally, I’ve always had extremely vibrant aspects of myself take over the show for a while when they’re having a good time, or need nourishment, and often, I feel like I’m twelve people on a vacation trying to coordinate priorities without missing the view, or getting lost, with the practical and the magical constantly swirling around, in my library of possibilities that make up how I view this world.

That’s why, when I read this page about the older Norse way of viewing yourself, and the parts that came together to make up one being, I was bug-eyed and basically glued ’til completion occured.

For once, there was a perspective that held a massive resonance to my own, in a multitude of mystical and mundane ways.

We live in an era where most dismiss magic, even though nearly every person you meet can tell you a story of something they just can’t explain, where most people refuse to acknowledge the miraculous, unless it was provided by the only deity they trust enough to deem “real.”

Yet, in the days of our ancient ancestors, people saw more to life.  Words held power.  Being filled with the energy of life and all of its cycles was an aspect of who you were, and was directly tied to your success and how life would unfold for you.

The physical body was a malleable vessel whose form could restructure when strong, and spirit companions, familiars and the like, were natural, and a part of who you were.

THIS feels more “true” than what I grew up with, in a world where magick is resting by your side, waiting quietly, invisible, alive.

So tell me, what is your magick, in your identity, the mystical about you, that you hide?  And will you allow it, as the quiet, subtle nature of the magick, here, itself… to be real again?

To learn that these perspectives were a part of my distant heritage, it made me feel that much more… among my own.  And that, in turn, inspired me to share this with you.

We ARE magick.  Every fibre of your being is magick, and it is only through noticing this that we make it a home here… that we nestle its glimmer into all that we are, all we do.

YOU are a Goddess.
Experience my Aquarian Magick & develop your unique gifts with me, through Goddess to Goddess Guidance.

This day, you are given a choice.  To awaken what’s stirring within you, or let it slumber.  Let this be the day that your magick arose and took shape.

You are infinite, you are powerful, you are life.


Aquarian Goddess Jen

Inner Cosmos Activation

Empty yourself

Breathe in potential.
Pure, vast, invisible…
The infinite sacred void
Which births realities
As you feel the breath switch,
And flow outward from within,
Feel the divine spark within you
The light of your ever-flowing life-force
Activate specific organized areas
In accordance with your truest core purpose
Like galaxies alighting, one after another
Across the infinite void of space
Feel all of this flowing within you…
The infinite potential
And the life force, alive and expanding
And just watch it as it moves
Breathing in, and out,
Galaxies come alive,
And as the aeons pass,
Glimmer into the peace of completion,
All with no force, no effort,
In accordance with that which is moving our breath…
As you inhale,
Feel yourself… filling with this cosmos..
And as the breath relaxes out,
Feel yourself surrounded by this endless, glimmering night sky,
Its cool emptiness balanced with the warm presence of an incredible array of suns…
All of this moving, by the divinely organized flow
Which is moving your breathing
The flow of potential and light.
Sit for a moment, as this cosmos..
Feel the expansive freedom between your cells..
Each cell as far from the next as the nearest star to here
Twinkling with life and organizing to the flow
Watch them align in new patterns
As you watch your breathing
Infinite flow
An infinite movement of life.

For the dark ones…

I’ve got a soft spot for the dark ones…

Those vulnerable, brooding types who truly know pain…

Those 90s kids too sensitive to bear the burdens of a landscape raped and reshaped…

Those quiet ones with addictions and bottomless eyes, often too immersed in their coping mechanisms to shoulder the responsibility they fiercely know belongs to all who care, for fear of falling apart…

Not nearly an irrational fear, as they’ve faced the crumbling of the frail foundations framed on shifting sands…

I feel a magnetism, and a hollow outpouring from where that is in me…

And, often, it’s carried me away, into becoming an instant nurturer to the wounded, beautiful soul, who can tell that I see them, and value their kind above all…

Because they are truly like me.  Fluctuating between being helpful and hopeless.  Happy and horrified.  In a world that we’re not sure is real.. any more than anything else.
To my tribe, to my family, I love you.

To the dark ones, you are not alone.

We are all alone together.

Until the moment of meeting eyes.

Sharing Your Gifts

Each of us has something that we absolutely love to do, that people compliment us on as well.  And when we ponder a way that that thing can help people, animals, or the environment, and support us financially, the life of our dreams begins to unfold before our eyes.

It sounds pretty simple, but, honestly, it really is.  Life doesn’t have to be so overcomplicated.  You just start doing something that you love, and you’ll start to see the ways that things open up and evolve in a direction more and more satisfying as you continue to choose to embrace and express what brings you alive.

I’ll give you an example from my own life, from today, actually, where I was reminded of how blessed I am  (as we all are) with my unique gifts, and how important and deeply satisfying it is to place a strong focus on using my natural talents to help others.

I was in a Facebook group and saw a post from someone who said that he sometimes felt like saying “I love you” to people in the group (seeming to mean the universal-connection type of “love” so common amongst new age circles) but was concerned that he was going to make some people confused or uncomfortable in saying it.

Of course, 97.6% of the replies were “THE WORLD NEEDS LOVE!  IF YOU FEEL IT, SAY IT!!!” But I had a different point of view.  If he’s concerned that what he’s saying might not be the best option, then what is?  Maybe he feels something that can be described more accurately that will bring extra clarity and depth than everyone just screaming about love and light so often it becomes an unconscious habit, rather than an opportunity for true presence and heartfelt connection.

I decided to reply.

It’s good to be considerate of how a word like “love” will affect someone, because it’s actually quite vague. It means so many different things, depending on the context, that people have so many ways to interpret it… so, if you’re concerned about being misinterpreted, a good solution that I find more fulfilling, and more deeply appreciated as well, is to find a more specific and even more meaningful way to describe what you choose to express… like, “your energy is so radiant and pure that it lights me up and floats me into alignment with the truth in my core” or “your presence is so warm and nurturing, and I wish so much goodness for you”. 

Being more specific makes it a more tangible and grounded expression, and helps you to see the variety of all these things under the umbrella term of “love” so much more emoticon

He responded by asking if I was a writer, saying that he could tell that my words could bring life to anything, and told me that he appreciated me.  I felt inspired, blessed, and touched, and replied again.

Hahaha thanks. And yeah, writing is one of my favorite things. And just… analyzing things really deeply and describing them in a way that pulls someone deeper into the experience, showing them what I see as clearly as I do, feeling it as deeply, etc. There’s a lot of power in precise, tactile descriptions. You can take someone anywhere, and awaken them to possibilities that were never so tangible before. It can ground the abstract and make it real. colonthree emoticon Thanks for the opportunity to say that. 

This small conversation reminded me of why I love words and what I can do with them.  I felt inspired to share this beautiful story in hopes of lighting a warm, sparkling glow in your heart, that will guide you on a glimmering pathway into the sacred dreams your soul holds for you.

Together, we can do all that our hearts ask of us.  Stay true to your heart, and know that I’m here every step of the way, Goddess to Goddess.

Where Purpose Hides

Tucked away in the shadowy corners of the world that make us stressed out, frightened, or feel wronged, is a golden nugget of Truth, just waiting for us to polish it off so that its glow can guide all of us to a brighter way of being, and a kinder world. I  want to talk a little bit about purpose, and the unexpexcted places you can find it, or refine it once it’s found.  I’ll start with a current example, the one which inspired this post.

This weekend was a rough one, friends.  The main thing that had triggered my year of deep depression and paralyzing anxiety popped up in a new form to show me where I stood.  Or, rather, where I hid under my blanket in a flurry of panic and shame.
My rent was two days later than normal, because I had a hard time getting my new debit card activated, and with my work schedule, couldn’t get to the bank.  I got a very cold overreacting text from the person I rent from, who treats the house like an apartment building she owns (because her name is on the lease and she can add and subtract people at will), and has no consideration for how the others in the home feel about any decisions made, including whatever random guys off Craigslist she moves in under this common roof without our consent.  I was already nervous because she never responded to my text confronting that issue, and then once I felt like I wasn’t doing my part, I lost it.

All of Saturday, I hid in my room.  I couldn’t face her.  I didn’t feel welcome, and I was afraid I’d lose my home, petrified to the point of not being able to leave my room to eat or go to the bathroom, or make any sound that would make it obvious that I was in the house, until six hours later when I was sure she’d left the house.  I tried to sleep to escape the feeling and make the weekend disappear until I could go to work on Monday.  It was irrational, damaging behavior, and I was so angry that it was beyond my control.  But I’d dealt a year with it before, and I knew I just had to wait it out, and distract myself until I was stable enough to face it.

I was too far gone, though.  I was a crying hopeless mess, who couldn’t see beyond the feeling, or get up from under its weight.  I was embarrassed and ashamed for having just posted about how well I was doing, only to have a full day of full-blown depression for the first time in months, due to one small threat to my stability.  I was afraid again that I’d never get better because when you don’t do everything perfectly in this society, you often get the boot, and falling apart is simply not an option.  Unless someone has your back. Luckily someone had mine, and I cried a bunch, and he sent her a message for me, and gave me a hug.

That experience gave me a whole lot of perspective.  I realized that I definitely can’t handle living with a landlord who is not sensitive friend, even though I thought I’d be able to tough it.  And that’s okay.  We’re all delicate in our own ways, and have certain things that may trigger old trauma as if it’s brand new, and it doesn’t mean we’re weak or damaged or dysfunctional if we need to rearrange our lives in a way that minimizes those triggers.  It’s a sign of strength to be brave enough to live in an unconventional way for the sake of self-care and balance.

I slept a whole bunch, cried, and eventually vented angrily.  This human embodied the main wrong in our society that fires me up like no other, the cold, heartless way that humans are kept from having a true sense of home, a place no one can touch or take, a place that isn’t owned, but is respected and cared for by its inhabitants.  The thing I want more than anything, for myself, and for every living soul on this earth.

What do you really care about?  We spend most of our time and energy on earning money that goes to a person or entity that has agreed to let us have a place to exist in.  Does that not sound insane?  Humans, I believe, have a right to a home.  A sizeable place on the earth with water, materials to build a shelter, and soil and weather conditions conducive to the growing of food.  We should have that option, free of charge.

But if we did, it would be a drastically different society that we live in.  Instead of spending the first half of our lives doing work we don’t care about, to pay other people to live on their property, while saving for a home that won’t really belong to us for another twenty to fifty years, while we’re continuing to work doing things we don’t care about, things would be different.

We’d grow up on family land, feeling like our connection with the earth is the only logical survival method, our and start imagining how our own homes would look and function from an early age.  Our parents would have far less debt, and fewer expenses, especially if living off grid, and would have more time to pursue passions that would become careers.  Most likely, they’d have chosen an alternative form of education for you, as our public education is mainly geared towards teaching compliance and job training.

Your childhood would have given you a completely different perspective on life, and what you could do with it.  And a greater freedom of time and money due to having the ability to have a true home, built naturally on land that was simply your birthright, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars when you factor in the years of rent you’d never have to pay someone else while saving up for it, or the interest building for decades on loans.  What would you do with that extra time and money?  What would you ponder, and put into plans?

This is what I want to whole world to think about.  Who would you be if you had that kind of freedom?

And how close to that can you get, and prepare the next generation to be?

These are important questions that help us to clarify purpose.  What would we be doing if our time and energy were free, and which of those things would bring us the deepest satisfaction, and have the greatest impact on all around us?

Once you’ve pondered that, and have a warm and inspiring answer, I invite you to question what baby steps you can take in that direction now.  Is there a book you can read, a class you can take, or a daily habit you can put into practice?  Is there a group of people you can join, maybe on Meetup or in a Facebook group to keep you inspired in that direction?  Would an accountability partner  help to keep you on track moving towards your goals consistently?  (The answer to all of these is a resounding YES.  It’s just a matter of feeling out which one best suits you in this moment.)

One of the biggest keys to long-term fulfillment is this simple, but powerful, approach:

As soon you notice a problem, do whatever you need to do to calm down, and immediately find a solution.  Don’t wait, don’t dwell.

If you have an icky, uncomfortable thing in your life, notice how awful it feels, and then find that golden nugget.  What is the truth about what you really need, that this situation can show you?

If it’s a lack of wealth or time, how can you start to simplify your life, create a budget or schedule, reprioritize, and ask for support?

If it’s dissatisfaction with your job, or your relationships, brainstorm about what’s not fitting right, and what does better fit your needs.  And what steps can you take to be more calm and present through all of these scenarios while you create solutions?

There is always something we can do to cause improvements, and once these dark dusty corners of our lives show us what we’re missing, we have the opportunity to embrace our path with a far deeper passion.

And, as always, I’m here to guide you along the Journey, sister… Goddess to Goddess.

Identity Along the Journey 

I received a message from a reader today, and it got me thinking.  He mentioned how his identity had changed over the years, as he stopped putting on a mask of constant tough strength, and became more authentic in his expression… but people still saw him as who he used to be.  Have you ever experienced that?   I know I have.

Over the years, growing into the person I am now, I’ve been so many people, so to speak.  The journey of self-discovery, we’ll often explore soooo many corners of our personalities, one by one, before seeing how they all balance and fit  together.

When some people see me, they see the extremely bouncy and delusionally positive five-year-old (whos’s actually twenty-one) new age sparkle faerie I was when I dropped everything to move to Hawaii as a wwoofer, while others see the free-lovin’, harmony-obsessed (but still pretty oblivious), compassionate and present ethereal wave of deep emotions and sacred-geometrical light I was around 2012-2013.

Some people see the selfish and angsty teenage girl who refused to be helpful without a damn good reason and fought with everything in her to deny anyone pointless authority.  Others see the quiet girl who drew swirling abstract swooshes in the corner, and had astronomy, manga, and philosophy books to keep her company, in her pigtails, pink and black frilly arm-warmers, and long poofy-flowy hippy skirts, and the eyeliner of the goth pals at her lunch table.

And, honestly, that’s just a few.  Everyone we meet sees the smallest glimpse of us, as we grow and become more whole, balanced, and continue to evolve.  Who we were two, four, six, or eight years ago, often has a dramatic contrast to who we are now, in ways that most people won’t notice, because they weren’t in there to see us grow.

No matter what these people see when they look at you, whether they see someone who hurt them, inspired them, or loved them beyond reason, it’s still not all of who you are.  You’re a whole story, and you don’t even know how it ends… or even if it ever has to.

The real magic in life is in meeting those who want to read it.  Those who hear one part of the story and just have to know the rest.  Those people who want their story to join with yours, and become as beautiful and lasting as it can be.

We are so multifaceted, and just as we find people in life who want to hear about our strengths, and our good days, we shouldn’t be afraid to, in the right moments, share tales of our downfalls, the lessons we had to learn the hard way, and how we’ve, both, been damaged and positively transformed because of that experience.

Who do you consider yourself to be?  Does your confidence waver in the presence of those who have seen you fail more than succeed?  Or do you remind yourself of your own transformation and feel solid in the fact that you are stronger, wiser, and better suited, after what you’ve you’ve overcome?

Do certain people bring out bad habits in you, or do you run with a new crowd, or just simply say no to their influence?

On the other hand, if you’ve been in a rut, who is it that knows the best in you?  And would getting back in touch help you to be inspired and vibrant again?

It’s important to stay true to whatever whole and balanced version of you you can manage to be.  We really are so many people, and when that balance and wholeness are our focus, it helps to organize everything in our lives to work together in a brand new and satisfying way.  And if you need help figuring it all out, you know I’ve got you, Goddess to Goddess.

In wholeness and harmony,

Aquarian Goddess Jen

The Rise From Rock Bottom

Sometimes life is way, way, waaaaaaaaay too much.  Especially for us sensitive, caring world-saving types.  We give everything we’ve got, we brace ourselves for what’s thrown at us, we fall over hard, brush off the dirt, give a liiiiiittle bit more, and then we crumble.

I know that pattern very, very well.  It’s a winding trail down a steep slope that leads to Rock Bottom.

Last year, for me, was rock bottom.  You might remember this story from my post about giving too much .

One of my very best friends had been going through psychosis, hearing voices, being attacked in her bed by horrible creatures, and terrified nearly every moment of the day.  For six months I stayed with her, in the mild-ghetto in Cleveland, being followed home more than once, while creepy haunted-seeming-shit was going on in the house.

While that was going on, my main focus was writing, coaching, and vegan and environmental activism.  So, every day, I bombarded myself with information about the catastrophes and cruelty, and apathy of the world, trying desperately to get people to stand up for what’s right, and eventually feeling more and more hopeless as the problems piled up in front of me, and I watched as nothing I could do made a difference in helping my friend.

And the cherry on top was when a man I’d been in love with, and pining for, for three years chose to be with another girl, and shattered my heart.

Something broke inside of me.  I was only one girl.  I couldn’t handle that much awful at once.  So, I had a slow and gradual breakdown.  I got really messed up.

It started as needing alone time.  I couldn’t handle having roommates.  I suddenly had no barrier to their energy, and was overly concerned with their expectations of me, what they needed or wanted, and their emotional reaction to not getting it.  I started to avoid them.

I moved in with a new roommate… the problem continued.  And the intensity increased dramatically.  Week by week I’d come out of my room less and less.  I became anxious to the point of being terrified to face my roommate if I hadn’t been cleaning the house, and hardly ate because I didn’t want to run into her in the kitchen.

As time went on, my feelings of anxiety began to consume me, and I started to feel increasingly helpless and trapped.  Weeks turned to months, and my emotions grew large enough to pin me to my bed.  From where I was, I saw no hope of things improving, and was increasingly losing my will to live, afraid to leave my room, feeling like I looked like a crazy person for being locked up in there, not eating until everyone was asleep, and then sleeping all day to avoid them, laying awake all night streaming Netflix and YouTube to keep my mind from its usual cycle of panic and demise.

I kind of was a crazy person, though.  My hormones had gone severely out of whack, and just like I couldn’t help my friend, due to her chemical imbalance, my body could not respond to logic and get out of that horrendous downward spiral.

I started seeing a naturopathic doctor, who tried to help me with my hormones (which totally backfired, but that’s another story), I became very close with someone who was also suffering from severe depression, who really understood and supported me, so after a few months of feeling understood, I eventually moved out of the house I’d been locked in my room in for an entire winter, and things started looking up.

Within a few weeks of moving, I had gotten a job working to save the bees.  It got me outside every day, walking in the summer weather, talking every day with other people really passionate about saving the planet.  We were trained to speak confidently and pleasantly accept rejection, going door to door looking for people who supported our cause.

I was having fun again, and after a few months here in Colorado, I’d gotten a full time job, and somehow have more of a sense of control in my life than I have ever had before.

It’s kind of crazy that I went through that, looking back from being so stable and productive now.  (Life is weird.)

Yesterday I had my 90 day review at my full time office job and got a dollar raise, and I’ve been writing and focusing on self-improvement and coaching during my evenings and weekends, excitedly creating my future one step at a time.

A year ago, I had barely begun to sink into the damage’s depths, and now here I am, part way up a gorgeous green hill.  It’s always an insanely intense journey, but there’s a reason I felt called to share this story with you.  I wanted to tell you that the main thing that helped me, that really got me through, was talking to someone who really understood what I was going through.

If you’re in the darkness, please know that you’re not alone.  Some of the most happy and successful people have wallowed and trudged through the pit of despair, and can really relate to your struggle.

What I really want you to know, is that even when you’ve completely given up… you can still come out better than you’ve ever been.

Your life has a purpose the moment you give it one. No matter how much you’ve fallen apart.  And if you need support, I’m always, always here for you, Goddess to Goddess.

All my love, honestly,

Aquarian Goddess Jen