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I know you’re a passionate soul, with a massive heart and a mission to fulfill.

You’ve spent years pondering how to combine what lights you up and what the world really needs, and how you can best be of service.

So, you’ve got this big dream in your mind, beautiful and world-changing. Maybe you’ve already started to break down some of the pieces of figuring out how to get there.

But you’re still spending your days acting like it’s in the far off future, or that once X, Y, & Z fall into place, you’ll have the time, energy, and resources to get there.

I can relate to that.


This time a year ago I was fiddling with a few ideas of how to approach life after my dream of moving out onto the land to start a retreat center filled with Reiki and permaculture workshops with a best friend… turned into a failed relationship and me moving back after draining my savings trying way too hard to make it work after it became clear that we weren’t a healthy fit.

I’d had a few different ideas, one of which was to pick back up my dream of spiritual life coaching, which I had put down three years before, after going off grid for earthship building workshops, and then falling into a deep depression (that would teach me everything I didn’t realize I was about to learn, about letting go of resistance, coming back stronger after a rock bottom deeper than all the rock bottoms I’d seen before, and the self-discipline and acceptance of structure that my wild gypsy ways had always struggled with).

I had a rough idea of how to start, but it wasn’t until I decided to commit to my dream, to my purpose, and to getting the support I’d known I needed for years, even though I was on a super tight budget that required a lot of sacrifice. I mean, I was already only spending money on groceries, rent, bills, 800 dollar doctor visits that accomplished nothing, really just the bare necessities. So this was like, hardcore restriction to kick it back a notch from that level of already-bare-minimum to be able to afford to pay for coaching.

But I knew that after all these years of being on the brink of getting something off the ground, I HAD to have some real backup to get out of my life’s draining struggles, and start grounding these pretty shiny fulfilling dreams of helping people every day in a way that lights up my spirit and makes people’s lives better.


I did not, in ANY way shape or form, feel ready to start a business.

But I’d reached a breaking point. I was about to turn 30, I’d spent all of my 20s building experience, traveling, and never really having my feet on the ground, hopping from project to project, trusting that everything would fall into place. But during that whole time, I’d built myself no foundation, and had been struggling with money for years. And then, the stresses I had to deal with to survive were starting to catch up with me.

I was struggling with mysterious health issues that were all related to stress, hormones, strange reactions to food that were making me anxious and depressed MUCH deeper than the struggles I’d already had with those feelings, brain fog that caused me to need to read a sentence four times to get the message after certain foods, and drain my energy so much that I could barely stay awake after my work shift.

I was dealing with social anxiety, and could hardly get myself to come out of my room when I was home, because I was so overwhelmed by my loving, but loud shouty roommate and being around her kids who were constantly trying to suck every ounce of attention out of me that they could, even if I just popped out to use the bathroom, bless their sweet little souls.

After a shift at my full time job, I just didn’t feel like I had anything left to give.

Basically, I was barely keeping it together. I wasn’t someone you’d expect to see telling people how to live their best lives. But despite all my struggles, I had the know-how.

I had the strategies, because I’d been obsessed with self-development and harmony for so many years. I had the deep compassion. I had the energetic tools and spiritual insights gathered over a decade of tuning into my truth and letting it carry me. I’d transformed my own perspective and taken every leap of faith imaginable. And I knew the powerful questions and suggestions that take people to the next level.

I just needed someone to help me get myself to stay on track, and stay consistent with finally building something real with everything I’d gathered, despite everything I was struggling with week after week.  I needed to truly ground my truth, my purpose, my soul… in a way that I hadn’t before.

So, in comes my first coach.

Klara was amazing. During our first session she pointed out root causes of how I’d been holding myself back. She got me to do a thirty day live video challenge right off the bat. And through that, I proved to myself that if I could film a quick, spontaneous video every day, even though I was falling apart at the seams… I really could help people. I really didn’t have to be “ready” or even healthy, or even fully functional every day, in order to make the difference I knew I was born to.

I learned that “ready” is a state of mind, and sometimes, when something is really important, like your purpose, or getting out of a dayjob that the stress of is literally making you sick, you have to prove to yourself that you were always “ready” and were too nervous or too uncertain, or too untrusting of yourself to just do it.



So what are YOU “getting ready” for?

Don’t just keep scrolling and pass up the opportunity to shift something.

Really stop and think about it for a minute.


What would you do if you had all the support you needed, to take your life or career to the next level? How would you show up every day? What would you create? What would you share? Where would you go?

And what kind of support would it take to give you that first push to start making?

adventure beautiful boardwalk bridge

It’s a challenging journey, but it’s worth more than you can imagine.

I’ll admit, the last year was really a massive struggle. I was working full time, I was so drained and struggling with so much debilitating overwhelm health nonsense that I wasn’t nearly as consistent as I wanted to be, as I was committing to be, even while receiving coaching. I’m still human, and I still have my everyday challenges a year later, but my GOD, have I come so far. I went from making no impact through my work to helping so many people, and aligning SO deeply with my truth in ways that used to feel impossible to ground.

I’ve been working with people one-on-one and seeing them light up with realizations about their path that their own perspective couldn’t quite see.

I recently had one client message me many months later in deep gratitude after even just one complimentary deep-dive conversation caused him to take the leap of faith he desperately needed, telling me how free he feels on this powerful new adventure, and thanking me.

🍃 Another, who I’ve worked with ongoing, was telling me how I helped her to reclaim her inner power, and bust out of situations where she used to suppress herself and people-please to the point where she barely knew who she was anymore and was suffocating.

Now she’s saying, “No,” and setting strong and healthy boundaries, setting aside the time and energy she needs to move forward in her own life, instead of letting people use her. She’s expressing herself creatively, putting herself out there boldly, chasing her dreams with a fierceness that makes me so proud to see.

🍃 She’s been getting thousands of views on her budding YouTube channel, and is scheduled for a shoot to be in her first rock music video in the next week.

Her life is SO different than it was a year ago, especially how much she feels capable of, and I got to help her bring that out in herself. And show her that she had that power all along.


These are just stories of two people, but everyone I’ve talked with, I’ve been amazed to watch things unfold as I was able to help make their lives freer and more fulfilling in the last year… because I took action.

All this difference in people’s lives has been made by starting before I felt “ready” last year.

And then there’s what changed in my own life!

I finally had the courage to leave the job that was making me sick, even though it meant living partially off of my savings during the transition, and within the few weeks to follow, I was suddenly feeling more healthy, alive, and free that I’d felt in years, and more grounded and in control of my destiny than I’ve ever felt in my entire life up to this point.

🔥 And as much as I was determined to improve my life on my own, because I didn’t feel “ready” to do it on my own, I credit so much of this to the level of dedication increasing dramatically with hiring a coach.

I put my money where my mouth was, I treated getting out of my rut, and to the next level of being, in alignment with my purpose, like a serious investment


And I showed up, and I did the inner work to the very best of my struggling-ass ability, and…

… I Kept.
… Taking.
… Action.
🔥And refused to give up.

🌈 And now, no matter how imperfect I was through that process…

No matter how much I was HUMAN (still am!) and fumbled and stumbled along the way…

🌈 Suddenly, I look around and everything is different.

🌄 I’m different. My life is different. And all in ways that I got to choose.

Last week I had a meeting with a woman from a wonderful website reach out to me, to feature some of my writing, and help me reach a wider audience. I’ve had companies reach out to me offering to promote their inspiring t-shirts or eco-products because they see my messages of harmony and of owning your power, and knowing you’re connected to all of life, and the divine.

I’ve made wonderful friends and connections this past year, and while my focus is on my foundation, and I haven’t been able to breathe life into all of these amazing offers at once…

🌄 It’s incredible to see how quickly things can change…

This year I’ve been given opportunities to cocreate tropical healing retreats, speak on podcasts, and have just been blown away by what’s manifesting in my life since lining up in such a deeply grounded and practical way, with who I know I was born to be.

🌿 This was the key I had spent years searching for.

That’s why such a huge part of what I’m passionate about is helping others who live largely in the realm of energy and intuition to start grounding what their soul has been trying to bring to the earth through them for so long, so that they can truly dedicate themselves to their calling, and allow their purpose to start to ground them in return.

🌿 I’ve made more money sharing my gifts, and created a bigger impact for people, this past year, than I had in a very long time…

And I actually feel proud of myself, which in itself is an achievement, because I’ve struggled with my self-worth, self-love, and overcoming perfectionism since I was a child, and that’s why it’s a huge part of what I practice and encourage, because I see how much a difference it’s made in me, and makes in so many of us.

And while I look back at myself a year ago, I can hardly believe the transformation.

🎋 So I have to ask you again. What is it that you’re getting ready for, but could actually start right now?

You don’t need some massive social media following, and to look absolutely perfect and “professional” in everything that you do right off the bat. I’ve done all of this starting off with less than a thousand followers on my social media platforms combined, and no paid advertising. It’s not about numbers.

🎋 It’s about being real.

It’s about connecting with people, either one-on-one, or through the deep truth in your message, or what you’ve created, really reaching people’s hearts and souls when you share it. You don’t need all of the things people say you do. You just need to dream, and act on what you’ve imagined. And keep taking those actions, every day. No matter how many days you struggle to keep up, or feel like you’ve “fallen off the wagon” you just hop back on. This is your wagon, and it’s always sitting there waiting for you to tell the horses where to go.

🌈 So, really think about it, really feel it.

How do you imagine the best version of your life a year from now?

And what your behaviors and your everyday actions would look like?

What do you envision that would light you up and set you free, and give you a deep satisfaction all the way down to the bottom of your beautiful heart, and the vast expanses of your brilliant soul?

🌠 I’m telling you, without a single doubt, that you can make it happen. Whether you fully believe it yet or not.

Because, I tell you what, I never imagined I’d have this level of self-discipline and confidence a year ago, or that I’d have accomplished nearly as much as I have. Even though I was picturing it, and taking the baby steps, through so much of the journey, I still didn’t feel “ready” even though massive transformation had already taken place.

🔥 You prove to yourself that it’s possible by doing it.

What I live day to day is so much closer to that picture that I first visualized a year ago than I could have “realistically” identified with, through everything in life that was dragging me down. But here I am, completely different, in a way that is so much more ME.

🔥 All because I started before I felt “ready.”

Even while I was doing it, I didn’t feel “ready.” I just knew that I had to do it. I had to do what my soul called me to, and with the right encouragement and support, I kept going, I kept getting clear on what worked for me and what didn’t, and I kept (and still keep) proving, to myself, and to my clients… that it was always possible. That each of us truly has it in us, that infinite potential just bursting to come out.



🔥 So… are you with me? 🔥


Are you going to finally put an end to struggling to live a life you don’t care about, to step FULLY into your power…

🍃 To dedicate yourself to your purpose, your passion, your dream?

🌼 To making it really clearer than ever what that path is for you?

🍃 To dive in full force to make REAL TRANSFORMATION occur, and experience your true potential that’s waiting behind how “unsure” and how “unready” you feel?

🌼 To move FINALLY towards REAL FREEDOM and GROUND those divinely gifted dreams into your everyday physical reality in a way that SUPPORTS you and makes you feel grateful to be in your life?

🍃 And to having someone walk with you every step of the way to make it happen, keeping you focused, aligned, and on track?

Because when you decide that now is the time to commit to your truth, to your freedom, I’m here for you.


To schedule a complimentary introductory call, you can send me a message here.


All my love,

Jennifer Rae