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One of the best ways to create the feel you’d like in your home, or in your day, or to just get in the zone, is smudging with sage.

Along with its spiritual cleansing properties, it is also antibacterial, and releases beneficial negative ions into the atmosphere (the same kinds released by waterfalls and pink salt lamps).

Sage: Witchy Tips

Witchy tips: Sage is for more than just smudging.

While it may be our go-to, sage is more versatile than a lot of us tend to make use of day-to-day.

A sprinkle of culinary sage on your dinner, with a positive intention, can have a gentle healing and cleansing effect of the energy of all who taste it (while having a wide range of medicinal properties including immunity-boosting and reducing inflammation, and promoting balanced blood-sugar, and mental clarity, while being anti-microbial and straight-up tasty). A tea of culinary sage can be sipped for wisdom, prosperity, and to comfort sorrow.

A tea of any type of sage can be spritzed around the house for cleansing and protection for those whose sinuses are sensitive to smudging, or a few drops of an essential oil can be added to a diffuser to disperse it through the house, or add it to a ritual bath (bonus cleansing if you also add salt ๐Ÿ˜‰). You can keep a plant of it near you door as a guardian, even if you just have space for a small potted plant.

The leaves are a powerful “paper” for writing your intentions for manifestation, and keeping it under your pillow can ward off bad dreams, or in a sachet with abundance intentions (or in your purse or wallet) to increase your wealth.

Different sages have different specialties. Clary sage can uplift the mood. White sage is the most potent protector. And creating your own intuitively guided way to connect personally with the spirit and energy of sage will strengthen any of these results.

Remember to trust your power and your allies, and everything will unfold as it’s meant to. Happy witching, friends. ๐Ÿ˜‰

For guidance on your spiritual path, and intuitive energy work, send me a message. I’d love to help your purpose unfold.

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Join me in a little cleansing ceremony to shift your energy for today, and experience how calm and powerful you can feel when embracing a ritual mindset for yourself during your day.



It’s a beautiful thing to make the decision that today, in this moment, you are creating a positive change.ย  That you are doing something to make your life a little better.

Keep with these positive changes all along the way.ย  And sooner than you realize, you’ll be looking back at the you from ten years ago so proud of how far you’ve come, and shining with a confidence you never knew you’d have.

And I’ll be here with you along the way, supporting you as a sister, however I can, Goddess to Goddess.

All my love,

Jennifer Rae
aquarian goddess