Work With Me

Hello, there, beautiful goddess! I’m SO happy that you’ve come here.

You are here for a reason. Every idea and dream you hold dear can help to make the world a more magical place for all of us.

My guess would be that you’re a passionate person with big dreams, and you’re wondering how I can help you.


Goddess to Goddess Guidance

Working with me is a chance to get to know yourself on new levels, to bring clarity to what you feel will truly fulfill you, and to come up with a plan to make it a reality, with ongoing support and encouragement along the way.

Goddess to Goddess Guidance is sort of like life coaching from a weird little human spirit guide who happens to be your best friend.

First, you’ll share your hopes, dreams, struggles, and stressors, in a warm and welcoming conversation of unconditional acceptance from yours truly. Together, we’ll come up with a plan to begin to solidify the things you choose to bring into your life, and create in the world, and to dissolve those that hinder your happiness, and your growth, so that you can truly blossom, and make the impact that your heart is begging you to.

You’ll receive guidance and support through one-on-one, personal phone calls with me, once a week, or every two weeks, depending on what you feel is right for you.

This ongoing support will help to keep you inspired to keep moving forward on your path, as we work together, helping you to move through any challenges that may come as you grow, and your life evolves with you day by day.

I would absolutely love to work with you, to breathe life into your dreams and show you, through the power of your own efforts, and just the right nudges along the way, how much more you are capable of than you ever realized.

The world truly needs you to live your passions to your full potential, because you are a catalyst for powerful positive change. Together, we can do anything, and can make this planet more of a heavenly Eden every day, as we become the embodiments of our passionate, caring souls, true goddesses of this aquarian age. With focus, dedication, encouragement and support, I am here for you.

If Goddess to Goddess Guidance sounds like just what you need, send me a message here to tell me you’re interested.


421250_10151363201600397_810300396_23082333_857730411_nAquarian Magick

Life, we often don’t notice, is really much more than it seems to be. I combine my years of Reiki practice (Third Degree Reiki Master since 2010) with intuitive energy-work, the earthy pagan vibes that come naturally to me, and straight-up intention, to facilitate transformation.

This is always with the foundational intention of activating your unique divine blueprint… (activating the potential of you being who you were divinely designed to be, walking your most fulfilling path, in the highest possible frequency reality of harmony for all of life that can be grounded here and now.)

So… basically, it’s aquarian magick. XD

It can reach you wherever you are, and will give you what you need.

(Which, sometimes, isn’t the same as what we want. Insecurity and bad habits, fears and grudges: these can twist our perception of what’s right for us, making us feel like our dreams are less tangible than they actually are. This kind of potent work releases us from the bondage of these stifling vibes, which can be confusing or scary if we’ve held them all our lives.

Be prepared for perspective shifts, and life changes, and trust your path to make itself clear to you through the transformation process. Our evolution is never-ending.)

And, I’ll be there to help you to reenter yourself through this continuous and magnificent change.

If Aquarian Magick is calling to you, send me a message here to tell me you’re interested.

You are not alone in this. We have each other. Let’s make your life wonderful. I look forward to hearing from you!

Lots of love,

Aquarian Goddess Jen